Phase 3 - What We Heard Report

The What We Heard (WWH) report details the engagement approaches implemented in Phases 2 and 3 as well as key themes that emerged, and appropriately summarizes the raw feedback gathered throughout the entire engagement process.

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OCP Engagement Background Information

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Reports & Publications

Phase 1 - Background and Key Issues Report

This report provides a summary of the information that has been collected to date that will inform the ongoing update to the City of Rossland’s Official Community Plan. There are three main sections in this report: A summary of the Project Initiation, Background Review and Key Issues and a Technical Review.  This background information will inform and help to frame the next stages of the OCP update.
Phase 1 - Background and Key Issues Report - March 5 - 2021

OCP Engagement Plan

This document outlines the public engagement plan (PEP) to be utilized in support of the City of Rossland Official Community Plan (OCP) review and renewal.
OCP Engagement Plan - February 26, 2021

Current Official Community Plan

The existing Official Community Plan was adopted October 27, 2008.
Existing Official Community Plan and associated schedules.


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