Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Official Community Plan (OCP)?

The Official Community Plan (OCP) is the City’s vision for the future growth and development of the community and it reflects the ideas and input of the people of Rossland. It is a tool for Council and citizens to manage change in our community.

The OCP provides a useful and tangible policy tool and guide for citizens, the development community and City council. It provides a clear outline of the City's intentions with regard to future land uses and servicing across the community. It also states, in general terms, the social, economic and environmental objectives of the community.

It is the principal policy document that Council uses to make decisions on matters such as:
• Land use
• Growth management
• Design of the built environment
• Protection of the environment
• Climate change
• Transportation and mobility
• Economic development
• Infrastructure
• Housing needs
• Arts and Culture
• Heritage
• Recreation 

Why Update the OCP?

After nearly 10 years, the Official Community Plan (OCP) update is required to ensure it meets current population projections and community values, while continuing to meet statutory requirements. Rossland has been experiencing steady growth and is projected to continue to be a desirable place to settle.

What is the timing for the OCP Update?

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How Does the Official Community Plan Affect Me?

Since the Official Community Plan guides where and how future growth will occur, it is important to have a wide variety of input into its review to help establish a common vision. Citizens, business owners, and organizations have valuable information to share in this process.
• Are you thinking about subdividing your land?
• Do you think there is a lack of appropriate and adequate housing in the Municipality?
• Do you wish you had improved access to businesses and services?
• Would you like to see more greenspaces and trails in your community?
• Are you concerned about protecting farmland or natural areas?

These are just a few examples of the many ways in which your Official Community Plan affects you. Please take every opportunity to be involved in the process.

How can I get involved?

 - The best way to stay up to date on the OCP update is to subscribe to the project newsletter - never miss an opportunity to get involved!
 - Keep an eye on the project website
 - Like the City of Rossland Facebook page.
 - Watch out for community engagement events planned for March and April.

Where does the OCP fit in the Planning Framework?


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