OCP Advisory Committee

The role of the OCP Advisory Committee (OCP-AC) is to represent the community’s interest in creating and guiding the draft OCP goals, objectives, policies and implementation strategies. Specifically, the Committee will review and provide recommendations on various topics related to the OCP, in collaboration with City staff, the consulting team and the public consultation process.

The primary purpose of the OCP-AC and senior staff is to guide the OCP review process, and to ensure that it is innovative, inclusive and tailored to the needs of the community. In addition, the OCP-AC will:
a.   Identify key issues relating to the community, review and provide general guidance on background           information, draft materials, draft vision statement, and draft plan sections.
b.   Assist in identifying and connecting the City with key stakeholder groups through personal and/or           professional contact networks as requested.
c.   Assist in informing the community about the OCP review process and encourage participation by             diverse members of the community.
d.   Identify issues and questions from the community and bring them to the Committee;
e.   Respond to ideas and proposals from the City prior to presenting them to the community;
f.   Act in a strictly advisory role. Council may consider the advice and recommendations of the OCP-            AC, but is in no way bound by such recommendations;
g.   Assist in the public consultation program, advertising, and scheduled events;
h.   Review and provide comments and recommendations on each version of the draft Official                           Community Plan;
i.   Assist City planning staff in identifying and evaluating potential alternatives to key issues relating           to  the community.
j.   Report to and communicate to Council through regular update reports prepared by Staff on the               Committee's behalf.

Terms of Reference - OCP Advisory Committee

OCP - AC Members

OCP - AC members and their areas of interest and/or expertise are listed below:

• Ann Quarterman – Education, Youth, Environmental Stewardship, Economic Development/Tourism
• Larry Doell – Arts, Heritage
• Diana Daghofer - Health and Social Services, Seniors Representation, Housing and Education and Recreation and Trails
• Petri Raito – Business
• Don Thompson - Local Business, Regional Economic Development, Infrastructure and Environment.
• Robert Hobbs – Climate and Energy
• Tara Howse – Economic Development, Health and Social services, Environmental Stewardship 
• Indea D'aigle – Youth, Environmental Stewardship, Heritage

Non Voting Members

 - Kathy Moore - Mayor
 - Terry Miller - Councillor
 - Dirk Lewis - Councillor
 - Stacey Lightbourne - City Staff